LUMENIS engaged Varitage to assist in the strategic planning for their ophthalmic business unit and to identify opportunities for accelerated growth in the United States. In collaboration with the leadership and marketing team, we identified Lumenis SLT as having the greatest opportunity for growth by shifting the product’s focus from targeting other laser therapies for the treatment of ocular hypertension (OHT), to targeting the multi-billion dollar, prescription, OHT market.



Deliverables / Categories

CGI, Global Campaign Strategy, Patient Material, Practice Management, Sales Training, Video Production


Our infomedics team uncovered dozens of peer-reviewed publications on SLT comparing the laser therapy to prescription treatment. These studies were turned into a comprehensive clinical slide deck which provided the clinical foundation for the campaign. The clinical slides were also sent to numerous KOLs in the space. The Lumenis SLT Commitment campaign significantly increased the sales growth for SLT and influenced the industry practice guidelines for the treatment of glaucoma and OHT.

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