Therakos CellEx

Varitage was hired by Johnson & Johnson to rebrand the Therakos Photopheresis system and to assist with the international launch of the Cellex system. Our goals were to; create a brand image and clinical messaging that communicated the core benefits of the medical device and therapy, ensure consistency across all therapeutic applications, and be relevant across global regions. The yin-yang was used as the foundation for the company and product logos because the Therakos systems restore balance between the effector and toleragenic immune responses in patients with immune mediated diseases. We also wanted to ensure the primary visuals of the Therakos system used across print and digital materials reflected an advanced technology, so we recreated it in our CGI studio.


Johnson & Johnson

Deliverables / Categories

CGI, Global Campaign Strategy, Global Sales Training, Sales Aids, Video Production

To ensure clinical relevance, credibility, and impact, our infomedics team did an exhaustive, international search of peer-reviewed studies. These studies were used as the foundation for the creation of three new physician sales-aids, each addressing a different therapeutic application. The relaunch of Therakos and the international launch of the Cellex System were very successful. The client exceeded US and global forecasts and attributed much of the success to the new materials and messaging created by Varitage.

Deliverables and services included CGI videos, CGI imagery, multiple therapeutic category sales-aids, product sales-aids, booth panel designs, sales training manual, competitive backgrounders, brand guidelines, practice management kit, patient management program, clinical slide development, annotated bibliographies, business analysis, and strategic planning.

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